Saturday, March 30, 2013


Having sort of enjoyed -- sorry! -- watching the pre-marathon jitters of my co-bloggers, I'm now suffering my own.  15 miles today was much harder than it should have been this close to Boston.  16 days from now I am supposed to be feeling strong when the running gets hard at about mile 16.  Prognosis:  not good.


  1. Dude I feel your pain, but take heart from my recent experience...most of my LSDs had horrible endings, but I had a fab run on the day. Your base will be amazing...some wobbles near the end can't lessen that!

  2. My last 20 before Brooklyn was a miserable slog, not a confience builder, and I popped a 10 minute PR . . . Base and rest are what matters. One run two weeks out doesn't tell you anything!!!