Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Max - You May Have Finally met Your Match

Check out the article in this week's New York Times Magazine article on the Spanish dude who doesn't just run endurance races, he runs mountains.  Its called All Terrain Human.  The guy has a max VO2 max of approximately 90.  The average male aged 20-29 has a VO2 max of 44 to 51 and the average female aged 20-29 has a VO2 max of 35 to 43. (Lance Armstrong's VO2 max is 85).

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  1. Great article. I've seen his name on some leaderboards, but had never read about him. The description of his superior conditioning derived from a life in the mountains makes one wonder what happens when somebody starts recruiting Sherpa men to future college mountain-running teams. (There is an old, ridiculous, and probably offensive movie that I think was called "Nanoo," in which a college running coach went to Africa to find athletes who had grown up running with the wild animals.)