Friday, March 1, 2013



I envy those of you entering your tapers!  (What I really envy is your upcoming marathon, or pleasure run in a marathon setting.  I'm getting nervous vicariously.)


  1. Should we be worried that we will be in Rome on the Ides of March?

    Is it more worrisome that Dennis Rodman is in North Korea?

    Tapering? Hah. I am trying to build up to run/walk for 5-6 miles at a decent clip.

  2. I'm gonna run pretty long on Saturday, but not 20 . . .
    Then shutting it down.

  3. I wasn't aware that Dennis Rodman was in North Korea. Is that some kind of a metaphor for nuclear warheads?

    Ted, I like your plan.

  4. 18 pretty hard, time to rest a lot.

  5. Hey, on the big day I must NOT go off Ted, sorry but I will likely not even try to start with you. Spencer I can do what we did in Dublin and Chicago and start together but if you are thinking of dropping out early does that mean you will set off at quite a clip? If so that will be too quick for me too early. I need to approach this one very very judiciously. That said, can't wait to see you and carb load and expo together....oh, and our conference of course too!!!!