Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Running Club Movie Night

Yesterday the student running club delayed its afternoon run until after the faculty meeting, my former colleague P__ (now at Butler's business school) trekked over, and at least one alumnus joined us as well.  We left the law school with 4 of us heading out for a medium loop and 3 of us heading straight across town, where we gathered at my condo for pizza, beer, and a viewing of Fire on the Track, yet another Steve Prefontaine movie (which improves dramatically in my estimation on seeing that it was produced two years before the two Hollywood versions).  After seeing Without Limits and Pre, I'm pretty oversaturated on Pre footage and adulation; this documentary had the nice twist of Ian Stewart (5000m bronze in Munich when Pre was fourth) being quoted as saying something like "What Steve didn't understand, when he told me he was going to run the last mile in four minutes, was that I could do that too, and so could 5 or 6 other guys in Europe."  Stewart quite famously ran down Prefontaine in the back-stretch to take the bronze.


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