Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Route in Rome

How sick is this?  We begin at the Coliseum and the finish line is the Roman Forum.  Sadly, I will be finishing somewhere between the Basicila of Saint Paul (mile 5) and the Basilica of St Peter (mile 10). 

The packet pick up is at Palazzo dei Congressi at the Piazza J.F.Kennedy, 1 - 00144 Roma.  Its open 10AM-8PM March 14-16.  Not exactly sure where that is but looks like a substantial taxi ride on Google maps although the marathon web site has subway directions if we are feeling lucky. Let's coordinate if possible.

It looks like we get a teeshirt and backpack among other goodies.


  1. Rubbing my face in it, are you? No fair! And wow, that looks fun.

  2. You are still most welcome. You can even have my bib as an incentive. That way I can finally qualify for Boston!

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