Monday, February 11, 2013


We may have picked an interesting date for the Antitrust Marathon.


  1. Which of course reminds me of my favorite movie about academics saving the day at a papal conclave, Angels and Demons. Which of us will play the role Professor Robert Langdon (aka Tom Hanks)? And how do the Illuminati fit into this?

  2. Speaking of movies (but not of Conclaves), I was reading the LUC Institute for Consumer Antitrust's comprehensive pop culture document and noticed the PBS documentary, Fair Fight in the Marketplace. I bought the movie and showed it in class last week. Student reactions were uniformly positive. The film does a good job of showing a variety of antitrust claims on the basis of a variety of conduct. Throw in a beer merger and you'd have the trifecta. Thanks to the Institute for the heads up.

  3. Glad you found Fair Fight of value. I typically show it in my first class as a common sense overview of what antitrust is. It is probably pitched a level below the average 2L but still very useful.

    This Friday we are also having an optional showing of The Informant with free popcorn for the Antitrust Class, the international antitrust seminar, and the antitrust student fellowship.

    Have any others of our merry band found that film of pedagogical value?

  4. I show just a few scenes from The Informant, a couple of OFT dvds and the DOJ tapes of course...and The Marker, from the ACCC which is a hoot