Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Year of Being Injured

Right Calf, a brief return of P.F., left knee plus It and Quad.  These all contributed to a year of less than 700 miles and few race milestones.  I ran a couple of nice 10Ks, enjoyed my bandit 10K in Santiago, Chile, but nothing longer.  But the real highlight was my 3:15 half mile on the Oxford Sports Club track where Sir Roger Bannister made history.  Hope for more and better in 2013.


  1. Feel better. Also, find yourself a good massage therapist. I have found that a good therapist will often be able to suggest really helpful stretches to work out the kinks. The massage helps too. :-)

  2. 10K in Chile, 1/2 mile in Oxford -- I don't know, that sounds pretty awesome where I'm sitting.