Monday, January 14, 2013


So, now that NYRR has decided what to do about the NYC Marathon cancellation, I have to decide what I want to do about it.  Do I want to claim a guaranteed entry in 2013, or wait until 2014.  I'm of two minds.  With Rome coming up soon, the idea of recovering and then gearing up for a Fall Marathon is feeling a bit daunting.  Also, I'm a bit concerned that the 2013 might be even more than the usual mob scene as they try to accommodate all of the guaranteed admits.  Then there's my current affinity for smaller races that has me thinking about another out of the way race like Brooklyn or the Hamptons.  And then there's Loch Ness.  Take a look at that race profile.



Max, but for the hill at mile 18, this would be a great race to take another stab at 3 hours.


  1. You're not kidding! Losing 1000 feet over the race -- that's ~40 feet per mile!

    300 feet of climbing over 2 miles is more mountain than molehill.

    I checked out the results, and now I have this question (for Philip, I suppose): there is an inordinately large percentage of runners with club affiliations. Is that the norm?

  2. Yeah, that's a really big hill for that late in the race . . .