Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ocean run SoCal style

I went to the post-annual meeting (PAM) of the ABA Antitrust Section in a bad mood.  My plantar fasciatis has come back albeit in mild form plus I have lots of other little issues that is making ramping up mileage problematic.  But after a 24 hour pity party and a plane ride to LA I felt a lot better as the cab pulled into the Terranea resort 20 miles south of LAX.  Its a beautiful resort on the grounds of the old Marineland which I had visited as a kid.  Dolphin shows and whales have long been replaced by Spanish style architecture and great facilities. 

The PAM is an interesting but not taxing meeting.  Presentations from agency heads, some Section meetings, the editorial meeting the Antitrust Law Journal, a dinner on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, and a fair amount of free time. 

So one day, I iced down, taped up, and hit the shoulder of what I think is PCH 1 for just under an hour run.  While the rest of California broiled in 100+ heat, the coast was cool in both the mornings and the evenings and delightful for a run.  Beautiful views of the ocean, a nice lighthouse about a mile outside the resort, luxurious homes to fantasize about owning or visiting.  No way to runon the beach which was not continuous and was all rocky where accessible from the highway.  The only drawback?  2 hours of tennis in hte much hotter afternoon sun later that day.

Next day, took advantage of the resort thing and went to the very nice workout space in the spa.  Great equipment, no annoying throbbing techno music like so many city clubs, and even an outdoor stationary bike on the patio with an ocean view.  Did my mini tri of bike, precor, and then pool and then cleaned up, checked out, and rode back through strip mall land to the airport. 

Nice place to visit, but....

Tomorrow is my first real race of the season, the Chicago 10K and figuring how to combine lots of pool work, low impact elliptical and long runs to get me ready for half-marathon after Labor Day.  Must remember to remember to tape Olympic marathon.

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