Friday, August 17, 2012


Family matters, house chores, and final class prep are keeping me from racing at the USAT Age Group National Championships in Burlington, Vermont, tomorrow. I expect to have the opportunity next year, but this is somewhat bitter, as on January 1 I am aging out of the most competitive age group in triathlon, into one that is only marginally less competitive -- a la Spencer's post regarding his 10K. As my buddy D__ points out, everybody who has been beating me is aging up as well. So maybe or maybe not good from a competitive standpoint, but it is too bad that I won't have raced a championship event in my competitive prime, that word employed here quite loosely. The other bitter pill is that this makes three race entry fees I've now donated to the triathlon gods in 2012, two of them to the evil empire of World Triathlon (Ironman) Corp.

Instead I'll run both the Olympic/international distance and the sprint distance at the famously challenging Luray triathlon, a 90 minute drive from home. I began this post in order to make fun of the cover from the race brochure. Is it me, or is one guy heading out to start his bike leg without a helmet?


  1. Actually its two people! Is that how you tri guys save time in transition?

  2. Funny. Nobody ever called a triathlete smart.

    Or disciplined, apparently. I planned to race twice this weekend and didn't race at all. Life lesson: plan less, do more. (Oh, that injunction has so many relevant applications in my life.)