Monday, August 13, 2012

First Race of the Year as a M 55-59

I forgot that I changed age brackets in July.  So now I am the youngest of the M 55-59 set rather than the oldest of the M 50-54 group.  I put my new status to the test on Sunday in the inaugural Chicago 10K.  Great running weather for mid-August, about 65 degrees at the 8 AM start.  Race logistics fine but not spectacular.  Easy packet pickup.  Nice technical running shirt.  Good start location in the corner of Grant Park downtown.  Easy to get cabs to and from the race. 

About 1800 runners on the sidewalk and lakefront paths but not too crowded.  Simple out and back running south along the lakefront path with one curlicue.  I think this is the first time I got a medal for a 10K.

Finished about 3 minutes over my pr but one minute under my time at a different 10K race last year at this time.  Finished in about the top quarter overall and 7th in my new age group (out of 17).  I checked my prior division and my time would have put me 11th out of 50 some runners. 

My main take away is that as the age brackets creep up the remaining runners are more serious and better than the group below them.  Just fewer of us.  My other take away is that I have to figure out how to stop walking through water stops, but that is an old issue for me.  All in all, a nice day's work following watching the end of the Olympic marathon as I was getting dressed for the race.


  1. How's that for aging gracefully. Many congrats.

    FWIW, I would have guessed you were in the 45-49 a.g. after our run on the towpath the other month.

  2. Nicest compliments I have gotten in a while. Thanks.