Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgot about that half marathon coming up

Kind of forgot that I have the Chicago Half Marathon coming up on September 8th.  Its a good race through Jackson Park, Hyde Park, the University of Chicago and Lake Shore Drive on the South Side.  Its also my only sub 2 hour marathon (followed by a 7 miler back downtown so I could complete my 20 mile training run for the real marathon that year). 

But this year, I am focusing on Rome in March and not concentrating on my long runs.  So yesterday I took the old adage seriously that if you can run 10, you can run a half marathon.

So I ran a gentle 10 miles plus in mid 60 degree weather at slow marathon pace through the streets of the northwest side ending at Wilson and the Chicago river and meandered my way home.  On the way back discovered a beautiful little trail I had never seen before on the east side of the Chicago river between Montrose and Irving Park.  It runs just outside the lot line and backyard fences of some homes and is a mini prairie that grows a little too wild and dense for easy running.  But a great discovery and a short stretch where you would have idea you were in the middle of a city and just a block from commercial streets.

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