Saturday, May 16, 2015

Return of the Glute

Last week was a good training week.  I was encouraged by the race two weeks ago, recovered, and running felt really good.  Thursday, though, I did a hard brick workout with the BTC folks.  2 mile warm up.  Then "race pace" 1 mile run, 13.4 bike, 2 mile run.  I didn't keep any data, but I went hard and it was fun.  I got home, and my lower back was tight, as was my left glute.  By later in the day, the glute was spasming, ugh!!  I was a bit concerned that I had really done something to my back or hip.  Two days later, a bunch of ibuprophen and a lot of walking, it's calmed down, so I think I just yanked it, but I'm wondering what I did.  I think the issue is still the seat height on the tri-bike -- a bit too high -- and that is goofing up the ergonomics of my pedal stroke. Time to start experimenting . . .

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