Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lots of data

I took a day trip to the Univ of Virginia SPEED clinic today for a 3D gait analysis and other assessments for my never ending issues. It was super informative and awesome. I will post some of the data when I get a chance since you all are a good audience for it. 

Bottom line: I have learned to NOT use my quads, hips and glutes while running. The result is a biomechanical mess that has me doing more to stop myself than propel myself. This PT I also saw said I look like someone who has torn both ACLs and never had them repaired. (That definitely didn't happen to me, but he was making a point.)

I need to stretch and do some rudimentary things to get my body working normally again. At this point I am hopeful but realistic that I've tried so many things and nothing has worked. More to come. 

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  1. Data!! We love data!! Results are even better. Keep us posted.