Friday, August 2, 2013

Race Question

Hey Max, I know you've sworn off Tri for the moment, but I was just wondering . . .  On the off chance that my injuries have healed in time for me to do some long runs, I'm considering a Fall Half, rather than a Fall Marathon.  Do you know anything about this one?


  1. Let's see if Damon comments, as I'm pretty sure he's run Watermans. I've run several races by that promoter -- Setup Events puts on scores of events in the Mid-Atlantic and they tend to be well run and fairly casual races. Certainly it is hard to think of a better time of year for a Maryland race than mid-October. So off the cuff I say go for it.

  2. Seemed like a good timing/weather combination, way better than Eagleman in June . . .

  3. I haven't done it. SetupEvents is a very solid and experienced outfit. I know a number of people who raced it last year, and it sounds straightforward -- fast, flat, and all of that stuff. If you like climbs it won't be for you. It's certainly a better bet than Eagleman in all ways that are likely relevant to you. Eagleman has only two things to recommend it: (1) Kona and Vegas (now Temblant) 70.3 slots, and (2) an extremely deep and competitive field, including at the pro level, due to the size of its prize purse. I have some exceptionally talented friends who race it each year because it's where the big kids come out to play. Waterman's is much more of a neighborhood race. I'd have no hesitation to sign up if it met my timing needs, which it hasn't so far.