Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Frontiers in Hydration

So today I had the best workout I've had in months.  I met some Brooklyn Tri-Club folks in Fort Lee for a ride up route 9W.  We did 60 miles at medium intensity, with 5 miles of hammering at 25 miles an hour at the end.  Then we went for an easy 3 mile run.  The big victory was that I managed to run at a reasonable clip (considering), and my heel seems okay.  Hooray!!

We stopped at one of the usual muffin shops, but the gang wanted to get going before I'd finished my (very hot) double espresso.  Rather than toss it, I poured it into my water bottle making an ad hoc Americano.  I think the next time I'll do this on purpose.  It turned out to be a nice change from water or sports drinks.  I might add a little sugar.  Who knows??


  1. I like the attitude -- innovate, innovate!

    Ever try one of those insulated bottles by Polar or Camelbak? You can fill it full of hot coffee and have both the caffeine boost and the warming effect on an early spring or fall morning. Or late night.

  2. I've not tried that with running, but I do that for every killer rowing session on the water, and find it really helps!

    1. You don't find that being overly caffeinated upsets the boat's balance? Coxwain: "Hey, stroke seat, why is your oar quivering?" (!)