Saturday, August 24, 2013


The 7th Circuit affirms the dismissal of the defamation suit filed by NBA Hall of Famer, Olympic Dream Team member, top 50 NBA star of all time, and Michael Jordan wingman Scottie Pippin.  Pippin alleged that various media outlets falsely reported that he had filed bankruptcy.  This was untrue although he was undergoing financial difficulties.  Easterbrook, Posner and Ann Williams uphold district court that this is not defamation under Illinois law.  No visible running connection but  two bloggers do bankruptcy and here in Chicago we still love Scottie.


  1. I will hand out this case in class on Tuesday, when I teach credit libel. :-) I must ask however, whether our blog faces any legal risk as a result of Spencer's confusion of former Chicago Bull Scottie "Pippen", with Pippin, son of Charlemagne and Himmeltrude, currently singing and dancing on Broadway . . . .

  2. Are there any cases of defamation by typo?

    I am a big fan of both Pippin and Pippen by the way.

  3. I share your admiration for both. Great show either way. Dunno if Scottie is a fan of show tunes, but I'm sure it's not an actionable typo.