Friday, October 26, 2012

A poll question

Calendar tells me Ted has 9 days until the NY Marathon. (Fingers are crossed here for that one.)

What to do preparation-wise as time starts winding down? This is something I've never figured out. Need to keep moving to keep from tightening -- and fattening! -- up. Can't move too much if you are worried about wearing out. (Dumbest pre-marathon plan ever? I and P__ spent the day walking in Boston the day prior to the marathon in 2011. But spending that day lying in my hotel bed in 2012 wasn't much better.) Short jogs every other day? A little mild speed work? Please -- do tell!


  1. I get twitchy and bloaty the two days before so I like a short easy run on that day, and nothing at all except rest, a massage and my Chariots of Fire, or Spirit of the Marathon (Chicago) dvd the day before.

  2. That's a whole new poll! What is the best pump-me-up literature or media? The race scene from Running Brave (Billy Mills, 1964 Olympics). The penultimate chapter from Once a Runner? The account of the Tarahumara versus Ann Trason at the Leadville 100 in Born to Run? I haven't seen Chariots of Fire in years, so it it probably time to rent it again. Others?

  3. I've never gotten it right. I have a bad habit of hurting myself on Monday before Sunday. In 2007, I basically did nothing during the week before, hoping my hamstring would heal. That wasn't my best race, but it wasn't bad. Before Dublin, I ran six miles the day I got there, then walked around all day with Spencer the day before. That was a pretty big mistake. Oh, wait, I almost set a PR. This year, in prep for NY (assuming it's on), I took Monday off (hurricane), ran 5 Tuesday, did a light spin, Wednesday, and today ran 4. I've been treating the shortish runs as tempo runs and keeping them close to Marathon pace. Tomorrow I'll run 3 and take Saturday off. We'll see how it goes.