Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Weeks later

Turns out having your Fibia drop down from the patella and having all the associated muscle groups go out of whack is even less fun than I originally thought.  Two weeks later I can walk ok but not run.  Going down stairs is still dicey and bending down on my left leg is still not a very good idea.  Treatment so far consists of chiropractic care about once a week, painful massage therapy as often as I can stand it, plus long soaks in the hot tub while stretching as often as I can find the time.  It seems the muscle damage was far worse than the joint damage but eventually all subject to rehab.  Yesterday I managed a not-painful 16 minutes on the elliptical set on an incline to focus on the gluts rather than quads.  The dreaded pool "running" is next.  This completely shreds my fall racing schedule but hopefully leaves me time to prepare for Rome or at least the first half.

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  1. Fingers crossed here. Seems like I've never heard of somebody who isn't stronger after recovery (if done right) -- not that I have a huge data set to draw from. Maybe, though, you'll end up with an other-worldly race in the spring, a la Ted.