Monday, September 5, 2016


I'm acting like I'm training for a marathon, but I am far rom convinced that this is true.  I've geared up. Bought three new pairs of shoes -- two low drop, and one cushioned neutral, shorts, and a box of GU.  I've raised my mileage.  And, I'm finally beginning to feel like a runner again.  A 9 minute pace doesn't hurt, and I've been able to string 8:30s together. That said, the idea of going further than 15-16 miles still seems inconceivable.  Maybe I'll be able to break through next weekend . . .

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  1. Hang in there Ted. Maybe we'll just have a very long fun run through the streets of Chicago in October. I will have done 13.1 2 weeks before. Which means we can run together from my apartment (mile 6.5) to Chinatown (mile 20). Then you're on your own.