Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome Back Max

Welcome back Max.  It's good to hear that you are back to enjoying running. I would actually like to hear more about the logic of your hiatus.  The psychology of "on" and "off" is currently very interesting to me, as right now, I'm struggling a bit with motivation, and I'm not sure why.  Okay, I'm not entirely mystified.  At the moment I'm wrestling with the aforementioned hamstring pull that is proving to be more stubborn than I had hoped.  Every marathon has its "lurker," and this has turned out to be a good one. I went straight from a really fun 10x400 with lots of optimism about the future to old mr. gimpy again.  I've managed to hold it together with spinning an swimming, but each time I try to run again, the microtear, sciatica, or whatever it is reasserts itself.  This week, even the motivation to improve my swimming, which had been keeping me going, has fallen off.  I have truly fallen into a winter slough of despond.  I find it mystifying that the same brain that finds joy in running long miles to train for a marathon or a tri can fall into a pattern where even swimming for 40 minutes seems like a chore . . .  Oh well, it's January.  Max, talk me out of this . . .


  1. I'll try to come up with some thoughts and articulate them here. Perhaps needless to say, there was some intentionality and lots of entry barriers that explained the length of time. One thing is intriguing to me -- I had long enough off my feet to absorb all the lessons we know we should implement (form, stretching, etc.) without ruining the lessons by relearning bad habits with each run. The result is my current running feels really good. Or maybe that's just a long rest.

  2. Nice. I'm feeling some real improvements with my swimming, as I substitute it in for running. I wish it wasn't such a solitary enterprise . . .