Friday, January 15, 2016


Speaking of Comrades, I have generally had very little interest in "ultras."  Max's feats amaze me, but I know how I feel after a marathon, thank you very much, and 100 or so miles on a bike is plenty.  But I do feel an odd attraction to the Comrades Marathon.  Its history, the idea behind it . . . There's more to it than just the miles.  Maybe someday.  Max, is it uphill or downhill this year?


  1. Downhill. Starts in Pietersmaritzburg and ends in Durban. Not clear whether that means it is harder or easier, of course! But I assume the latter. My lesson with a few experiences beyond the marathon distance is that you can decide it is just a day on your feet and not a race. Run, walk, talk to people -- in short, do what many marathoners do. The effect is that it is not somehow 2+ x the effort of a marathon, rather, just a very different experience. I think you'd be surprised.

  2. I have heard some say that downhill is harder. Seems petty hard either way, but also a great event to chat and share in the camaraderie (pun unintentional).