Friday, September 18, 2015

Flash Back Friday -- Barefoot shoes

On Tuesday I got inspired to dig to the bottom of my closet for my now vintage 5-finger shoes from 2012.  I've been working on reestablishing my quick cadence short stride form, and I used to find that a few miles in the Vibrams was a good form drill.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the run.  I kept my cadence above 180, my vertical displacement came down as did my ground contact time.  I worked on a relaxed smooth flow through.  I had planned to do a few laps of Cadman Plaza for a mile or 2.   I felt so good, and it was such a nice morning that I decided to run the Brooklyn Bridge.  When I was done with a three mile jaunt I felt loose and comfortable.  Big success.

Until, and, of course, this was to be expected, the next morning, when my left calf tightened up like gangbusters.  Oh yeah, that's what happened the first day I ran barefoot on Christmas morning 2011.  Oy!  I took yesterday off, and did a short run today, and it seemed to loosen up, but there's still a "spot."  Someday I'll learn not to make the same mistake twice . .. 

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