Monday, January 5, 2015

Run With Becky

I was in in DC for the AALS meeting.  On Sunday, Becky made the trek down from Bethesda to meet me for a run through Rock Creek Park.  We met at Connecticut and Calvert and ran into Rock Creek Park.  Then we ran in the back entrance to the Zoo and had the place to ourselves.  I used to do this all the time when I lived in DC.  It' pretty great, you have the place to yourself.  Sunday was a rainy dark morning, so mostly the animals were asleep inside.  Still, a better surface than the Rock Creek bike path which was full of puddles.  This morning a couple of professors and I ran down Rock Creek to the Memorial Bridge and back.  I had forgotten what a nasty hill it is to get from the Parkway back up to Connecticut Ave.  Ouph!!!


  1. Even ailing (the usual), a run with Ted is worth it! Thanks!

  2. How did you feel after? Great to catch up, and without your company, the dark and rain would have sent me right back inside!