Sunday, December 7, 2014

Streaks and Other Stupid Ideas

Last year I ended my running year with an abortive attempt to run every day between Thanksgiving and New Years.  It was a vain effort to establish that my heel was in good enough shape to handle at least one mile a day.  It was a mistake.  Somewhere in mid-December I realized that I was having trouble walking, let alone running, and I entered my cold turkey non-running streak that lasted until March.

So, when a friend from the SBRC suggested that we try another year-end streak, there was only one possible answer, "of course."  So I'm back at it.  Today was day 11.  I'm being careful.  Since the streak rule only require one mile per day, I've kept up my cross-training routine.  The only difference is that on bike or swim days, I make sure that I spend ten minutes on the treadmill.  So far this has allowed me to get the benefits of cross-training, along with the bike run transition which I don't do that often.

I'm not sure why I'm doing this.  It doesn't actually seem like a very good idea, and the farther into the streak I get, the less good an idea it's going to be.  Any insights out there??

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