Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beware the Ides of Streak

Day 15 and my running streak is still intact.  I'm warming up to the idea.  This morning I did a real run of 7.5 miles with some pace on it.  Yesterday and the day before were disastrous work days. I probably wouldn't have run at all, but I managed a pair of 1-2 mile runs that got me out of my head and into the clear both times.  I was beginning to feel a bit creaky a few days ago, but realized that I had not been giving myself sufficient time to stretch after the short runs.  Today, I did some deep long stretching, and the creakiness is gone.  So, maybe the commitment to the streak is making up for the fact that I'm not actually training for anything right now.  This is important as the holidays are here.  During the next week or so, the streak is going to be hard to maintain. Saturday I go to Vienna for a week, and will be in meetings much of the time.  Making time for a run is going to be tricky.  On the other hand running around Vienna should be fun.

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