Sunday, May 11, 2014

Holy heel strike

This is from a 10k Town and Gown in Oxford today.   My theory is that the more and more weight I've put on through rowing and the more my hips tighten up from rowing, the more and more I'm heel striking.   I was hardly ever a heel striker until I started rowing.   I'm also slower than I've every been, and I attribute that to carrying so much more weight and obvs less running training.   (Not age of course.)   Anyhoo, time to dig out the old posts from Max re those funky shoes that force you back on the the forefoot, but they were just so so expensive esp here in the UK.   I saw a recent post from Max about other shoes but even then I wondered if they were worth it and maybe I should just concentrate on trying to run more on forefoot, runhipsfirst always, and do some barefoot workouts on a grassy track, but not so much that PF comes back in earnest (it makes the occasional return so I always tape now).   What do you think?


  1. Drop your arms. Make sure that when your hands pull back, they come back at least as far as your hips. This will be hard unless you lean forward and open up your hips. The rest will follow.

    1. Ted is right, and at the risk of overload, here's a tad more: you achieve an erect posture the same way I do, which is by pushing forward at the sternum, causing a concave lower back -- instead of pushing forward at the hips, keeping erect all the way through the torso. I've been told to think about pulling the sternum toward the hip-bone as I drive the recovering knee forward -- almost like an ab. crunch. I think Ted's strategy with the arms may bring that about somewhat naturally.

  2. Oooooooh haven't heard of this witchcraft, will try it, thanks!

  3. Two things:

    1. You still look fast.
    2. Great smile. You look like you are having fun.

    With both of those in your corner, who cares about the heels(!)?

  4. Ditto to Max's comment. . .

  5. Agreed. And you appear to have a great personal photographer.