Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can we learn from the Roadrunner?

PT-cum-running form coach says I need my feet to contact the ground directly under my center of gravity.  That will produce:

  1. A forward lean from the ankles, unless I want to fall over backward when accelerating;
  2. A bent-leg foot strike, reducing jarring on the joints;
  3. A long follow-through on the back end, with the entire stride length being behind me instead of split evenly in front and behind;
  4. A faster turn-over as (a) I don't waste time reaching out in front and (b) I am forced to get my feet down so as not to fall over.

The sensation I am occasionally achieving is one of running more or less erect, speeding up as I lean forward, and slowing down as I lean further back.  The image in my head most recently is a speedometer needle that remains straight but leans as you press on the gas.

Jogging pace.  When I really get moving I hit 65.
Who seems to get it about right?  This guy.
I'd say he is going about 85.


  1. Right-o. Don't get up high on your toes, or risk my current issues. Current problem is that smooth feeling arrives at a speed i currently can't maintain . . .

    1. It does, doesn't it! I'm running tempo intervals when I'm just trying to go out for a jog!

  2. This is precisely what the Chi running movement preaches: running as "falling forward" with the lean acting as an accelerator pedal. Well done for achieving glimpses of this, I'm still trying!

  3. Works great until it angers your right calf!! Ouchie ouch!