Sunday, September 19, 2010

To Ted

Once you realize we are all creatures of our environment, it's clear why I usually run with music, Max does so occasionally, and you are adverse to the whole idea. I spend 80% of my time on running paths along the lakefront where there are no cars, and even separate paths for runners and bikers. When I run streets I am running facing the traffic on side streets where there are barely any cars. I see all cars whether or not they see me and I have last the clear chance to avoid unfortunate occurrences. If I was on the narrow crowded ribbons along the water in Manhattan or Brooklyn I might well feel differently. Why anyone would run streets in NYC is beyond me with or without music.

Safety aside, how can you travel that Spirit Road (Neil Young) without the real thing? How do you know whether you are Born to Run? How can you Live to Win? Will you stay Young Forever? Do you have the Eye of the Tiger? Has the Final Countdown Begun?

Rock on.

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