Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best Half in 4 Years

Had a lovely time and a great result in the Chicago Half Marathon today. Apart from getting up at 4:45 AM because they moved the race up to avoid a noon Bears game, everything was perfect. Weather around 60, light breeze, felt pretty good the whole way. I paced a friend who was running her first half for the first 12 miles and sprinted (such as I can) the rest of the way. Finished strong passing directly under the outstretched arms of a golden statue of the Greek goddess of victory that was built for the 1893 Columbian exposition. Came in at 2:05 and some change which is my best half in 4 years. My PR is a 1:51:45 and is probably a thing of the past but today was a good day after more than a year and a half of nothing but agony from plantar fasciatis. My associate dean Mike Kaufman completed his first half as well.

Anybody up for an October 24th half in Myrtle Beach?

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  1. Spencer, I am envious. What a day. And I look forward to hearing your report from Myrtle Beach (though I'll be at a cousin's wedding in DC that weekend -- fortunately I came up with an Army 10 miler bib, to escape from family for a while).