Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oh Hello!

We've gone a bit quiet here at Runningprofs.  Not sure quite why.  I had a chaotic Spring, and training and racing took a back seat to professional and family obligations.  I did run two half marathons, both slowly (Berlin and Brooklyn), and will try to find a few minutes to post about both.  I'm trying to get going with marathon training for the Fall, but I'm woefully behind schedule. I've been running, but I haven't been running far.  The longest run I've been able to manage is about 8 miles.  I'm not quite sure why I haven't been able to ramp it up.  It's been a combination of lack of base, extra weight, and creakiness.  I've felt fine for a few miles, but after around 4, my form falls apart, and my legs go dead.  Not sure what's going on.  Most recently, on top of that, I've been nursing glute/hamstring tightness that seems just on the edge of turning into a full blown case of sciatica.  My response has been to focus on swimming and biking, so I'm feeling pretty good, but the tightness remains.

Yesterday, I let myself get talked into being the 10th man on the club team for the NYRR Team Championships. I fully disclosed my diminished state and promised that I would run no more than a 9 minute pace.  They insisted, so I did it.  It was fun, but I made good on my promise, running a 9:11 pace for five miles.  It wasn't easy, and I felt like I was flirting with disaster the whole way.  Still, it was fun

All of this is a longwinded way of saying, I have no idea where this is all headed.  Am I going to try to run a Fall Marathon?  Am I retired?  Who knows . . .

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