Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ten days out. Recovery seems to be going smoothly.  I did a shakeout run on Friday after the Marathon -- 3 miles slow.  Sometimes my legs feel zippy during the first run after a marathon.  They did not  No pain, though.  Saturday I met D and we went for a birthday run. His b'day was 10/8, mine 10/13.  He is a lot younger than me, but we are slowly returning to the running form we both enjoyed a few years ago.  It was delightful.  Then out for coffee.  Then Sunday swim and spin, followed by an actual run at pace on Monday.  I'm feeling good. This makes me nervous.  The few weeks after a marathon have always been dangerous for injuries, so I'm trying to take it easy, but it's going to be hard. . .


  1. Ah you remind me of one big concern I have with this year long runnning streak malarkey. The day after this Sunday's marathon I'm off to Brussels AND have to fit a run in. Never done that before. Imagine a kitten with four Smarties tubes on its legs. That'll be me. Likely one mile max!!

  2. Mission accomplished, though! Congrats on a great Marathon.

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