Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rule: "I run every day"

Last autumn: 
no running due to weird neurological thing going on with my eyes
no rowing due to same and a fat pad impingement in knee
weight gain (2 stone! that's 28lbs - shocking).  

Then, new year, new me, cleared for light slow exercise, especially slow running - HURRAH!           you might expect ...................

I rediscover that Rules are better than Discipline and create the new rule in the post title.  Slow, fat burning runs, no watch, just enjoying, hilly, muddy, fartlek if I feel like it, walk if I feel like it, stop to feed a horse if I feel like it:  BLISS  

Bliss, even if a run-every-day rule means some had to be done at 5am with a flashlight due to early trains/planes.   

Plus:  during this goal (actually, a system rather than a goal itself), I get to lose the autumn weight (almost all off), enjoy running again, not need rest days which I did when training for races, enjoy my cross training if I do any, and at my current daily mileage may hit 2016 miles for 2016.   (TODAY:  am at a nice round 570 miles for 100 days).

Highly recommend this.  Yes I am being careful, yes I am dialling up the mileage but gently, and yes am stretching and generally trying to be good.  

bring on
the next 100 days
the next 100 days
the next 100 days
etc etc etc.

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  1. Nice!! As the recent posts indicate, I'm going through a pretty serious up and down phase . . . Running, but not much. Trying to dial it up, but stuff keeps getting in the way. I'm primed for a good spring, though . . .