Monday, August 3, 2015


This Spring and Summer I've been doing many of my runs with the SBRC which has been great.  I enjoy the company and the challenge.  Most of the running gets done at a pace between 8:30 and 9:15 per mile.  This is a light jog for many, but for me, right now, it's closer to a tempo run.

I'm beginning to get nervous about the approach of the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon in mid-October.  I'm used to aiming at an early November Marathon, so I'm already feeling a bit behind schedule.  In particular, I'm feeling pressure to start logging those 15 mile + long runs.   That said, the club runs are leaving me feeling pretty beat up after 10-12 miles.

So, I decided to revert to my old approach of long, very slow, long runs -- chugging along at a 10 minute plus pace.  I had plans to run with M on Sunday, but no plans for Saturday.   The end result was that I set a one-weekend distance record, running 14 miles on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday.  It was  a pleasure. On Saturday, my legs twinged a bit after 9 miles, but then were okay. Sunday was just a pleasant easy run 11 with M, and 6 on my own.

We'll see how the recovery goes . . .


  1. I'm in the same LSD boat, but not so LSD as you alas. I was aiming for three marathons this year but will have to drop out of my third (scheduled for 18 Oct) due to a knee injury. It does allow me to do LSD with an emphasis on S and I'm actually sortof enjoying them!

  2. Ouch!! Let it heal so we can run a marathon together soon!