Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I had a great nine days in Italy, with very little running.  The running I did was spectacular, however, along the Naples Waterfront (the castle is also where our conference was held!!),
 and the Arno in Florence

 Then we got to retrace our steps from the Rome Marathon in 2013, with cocktails on the Piazza Navona, and
Dinner at La Campana, the site of some excellent carb loading that we blogged about back in 2013 -- this time with Vicki and Emma.  Happy Father's day to me!!

I even got to correct my ordering mistake and tried the black truffle linguini!!  Then to top off a perfect week, who should show up in New York, just in time to cure jet lag with a fantastic, hot, humid run through Central Park, but Philip!

Summer is off to an excellent start!!

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